Hosted Services

Powerful Services Hosted by Evosys

We are in the business of creating modular, agnostic enterprise resource planning and workflow management systems for any scale.


Private Cloud

NextCloud is a highly-secure, private cloud platform that puts you in control of your enterprise data.


Corporate Email

Zimbra is the world's leading email and collaboration platform, hosted by Evosys in Sydney.


Office Solution

ONLYOFFICE is an integrated management solution for documents, spreadsheets and slideshows.


Nextcloud is a highly-secure replacement for Google Drive and Office365, offering powerful
integrated software for universal file access, text chat, video conferencing, email and calendar.

Nextcloud allows for efficient file sharing with full control over all data and communication shared across your company. Evosys can provide Nextcloud as standalone or integrated directly into Zimbra and OnlyOffice.


Zimbra is a software solution powering email, chat, file sharing, and calendar platform for enterprise-level collaborations. Zimbra is used by more than 5,000 companies and hundreds of millions of end-users in over 140 countries, ultimately reducing company TCO and maximising collaborative capability with a focus on security.

With Evosys, we host Zimbra as a service in our Sydney datacenter providing high-redundancy and low-latency to your business. Email defence integrations such as MailGuard are also available to protect your infrastructure from spam, viruses, and malware.


OnlyOffice is a complete client-server software suite for creating, editing and using file hosting services. It removes the need to switch back and forth between applications to get things done. You can collaborate directly with clients as you work on a document, presentation, or spreadsheet all on the same screen as your inbox, CRM, and calendar.

Evosys provides OnlyOffice as standalone or integrated into your business Nextcloud instance to ultimately provide a fully functioning alternative to Google Drive and Office365.

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