Evosys Stack

Applications for Enterprise Workloads

We are in the business of creating modular, agnostic enterprise resource planning and workflow management systems for any scale.


Identity Management

IAM centralises identity in your enterprise and provides a "single pane of glass" to access and provisioning.


Distance Learning

TRACE is a distance education student record and interaction management system.


Property Valuation Solution

REVA is a property valuation management platform and enterprise resource planning solution.


Hosted Web Services

MQ transport for SOAP/REST, MQaaS, hosted web services, ESB, MOM.


XML Transformation

Cloud based EDI, EDI-as-a-service, XML transformation services, digital transformation, XSLT processor.


Data Transformation

Data transformation services, wire format conversion, EDIFACT, X12, AS3 compliant, MFT / managed file transfer, SFTP, XMSG, non-repudiation.

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